This list takes into account the following articles:
  1. "Synthetic Turing patterns in engineered microbial consortia." (Submitted) Salvador Duran-Nebreda, Jordi Pla, Blai Vidiella, Jordi Piñero, Nuria Conde-Pueyo, Ricard Solé.
  2. "Habitat loss causes long extinction transients in small trophic chains." (Submitted) Blai Vidiella, Sergi Valverde, Ernest Fontich, Josep Sardanyés.
  3. "Synthetic biology for terraformation: lessons from Mars, Earth and the microbiome." Nuria Conde-Pueyo, Blai Vidiella, Josep Sardanyés, Miguel Berdugo, Fernando Maestre, Victor de Lorenzo and Ricard Solé.
  4. "Synthetic soil crusts against green-desert transitions: a spatial model." Blai Vidiella, Josep Sardanyés, Ricard Solé.
  5. "Dynamics in a time-discrete food-chain model with strong pressure on preys." Lluís Alsedà, Blai Vidiella, Ricard Solé, Tomás Lázaro, Josep Sardanyés.
  6. "On dynamics and invariant sets in predator-prey maps" (Book Chapter) Blai Vidiella, J. Tomás Lázaro, Lluís Alsedà and Josep Sardanyés.
  7. "Coexistence of nestedness and modularity in host–pathogen infection networks" Sergi Valverde, Blai Vidiella, Raul Montañez, Aurora Fraile, Soledad Sacristán, and Fernando García-Arenal.
  8. "The road to synthetic multicellularity"  Ricard Solé, Aina Ollé-Vila, Blai Vidiella, Salvador Duran-Nebreda, Núria Conde-Pueyo.
  9. "Exploiting delayed transitions to sustain semiarid ecosystems after catastrophic shifts"  Blai Vidiella, Josep Sardanyes, Ricard Solé.
  10. "The Paradox Of Constant Oceanic Plastic Debris: Evidence For Evolved Microbial Biodegradation?" (Submited) Ricard Solé, Ernest Fontich, Blai Vidiella, Salva Duran-Nebreda, Raul Montañez, Jordi Piñero, Sergi Valverde.
  11. "Synthetic associative learning in engineered multicellular consortia" Javier Macía, Blai Vidiella, Ricard Solé.
  12. "Population Dynamics of Synthetic Terraformation Motifs"  Ricard Solé, Raul Montañez, Salva Duran-Nebreda, Daniel R. Amor, Blai Vidiella, Josep Sardanyes.

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